Listless and bloated

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton

I was never one for dieting. As I saw it, it was all about elimination, elimination and more elimination. No longer being able to enjoy good, tasty food. In other words: it was unpleasant and impossible to make it work! I rarely ate vegetables or fruit, and never drank healthy juices or tea. In fact, unless I added extra sugar, I didn’t even like tea. The result? I felt listless and bloated – an unhappy Jill.

Does that sound familiar? Feeling out of sorts, lacking energy and not being particularly proud of your reflection in the mirror.

I wanted to change but I couldn’t do it on my own because I lacked the knowledge I needed. I started working with a personal trainer and did a lot of practical research, and then took matters into my own hands. I discovered that the road to self-confidence doesn’t necessarily have to be hard work and that I could still eat tasty food and achieve my goals. How? With products I designed myself! Who would have thought that adopting a healthy lifestyle could actually be an enjoyable process?! Knowledge is power, my friends!

Losing a few kilos quickly and efficiently

What started as a hobby has grown into a full-time job. I learnt the tricks of the trade when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and dropping a dress size in a responsible way. I was fascinated by the amazing impact of juices, supplements and tea on the body. Having experimented for a long time with a range of fruits, vegetables and supplements, I discovered the ideal combinations!


In just a few weeks’ time I devised a programme for anyone who would like to lose a few kilos. My detox: six pure juices each day, no solid food for three days and every now and again a me-time moment with 100% green tea. My experience? I felt full of energy, my skin glowed and I dropped a dress size.


But it didn’t stop there. I started to analyse the magic of herbs and ended up creating my own compound tea mixture. I drank this heart-warming blend every day.


 Keeping my weight down was no longer a chore!

& a whole lot more!

Gradually I discovered essential tips & tricks, and subsequently developed nutrition plans and my own healthy recipes. They included my own healthy granolas and power soups, which you can now discover for yourself!


What can be more exciting than wearing an attractive bikini that accentuates your favourite contours? Now I also sell bikinis designed to flatter any body shape. Every woman deserves to feel good and carefree in a bikini.

“Self-confidence is the best outfit.”

A lengthy search introduced me to a completely new lifestyle – and there you have it: one very happy Jill! I can assure that I have never felt better and happier within myself! Feeling good about your body has an impact on your social life, your success, your energy – in a nutshell: how you perceive happiness in your life! Who would have thought that just a few minor changes to your daily life would be worth so much?!

Because I think you deserve to feel this too, I became passionate about sharing it with you. Keen to find out more? on Instagram often shares actual results that demonstrate the impact of Bikinibody blends! And believe me, the enthusiasm is infectious!


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